Bryton 750E Rider cyklopočítač a navigace

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Designed for demanding cyclists looking for powerful new features and technologies, the Rider 750 T excites with online navigation with pre-loaded maps, advanced training features and the inclusion of new features such as the Bike Radar System, support for smart exercise bikes and compatibility with dynamic sensors.

With an interactive graphical user interface (GUI) with easy-to-understand icons on a bright 2.8-inch color touch screen, the Rider 750 T offers a compelling user experience. It combines powerful features such as online navigation with pre-loaded maps of the most important regions and address entry by voice command with new technologies such as ANT+ FE-C (Fitness Equipment Control) for smart exercise bikes, 3 highly customizable bike profiles and support for Bike Radar systems. Furthermore, the Rider 750 T is compatible with SHIMANO Steps and can show the status of your e-bike on the display.


Features of the Bryton Rider 750 T

  • 2.8-inch color touch screen with graphical user interface (GUI)
  • online navigation with OSM
  • online search by voice command
  • route tracking with POI/peak information
  • virtual track simulation
  • training with Smart exercise bike
  • control of the Smart Exercise Bike
  • training with TrainingPeaks
  • 3 quickly changeable profiles
  • automatic sensor scan
  • ESS support
  • support of Bike Radar Systems

support for e-bikes

Details of the Bryton Rider 750 T bike computer
2.8 inch color touch screen with graphical user interface (GUI)

The Rider 750 T features a 2.8-inch color touch screen with a new and intuitive graphical user interface (GUI). Similar to the user-defined heart rate/power zones, all data is displayed using dynamically changing colors and easy-to-understand icons. The display features both a classic bike computer display mode and a graphical mode for vivid, multi-coloured display of ride data.


Always the way ahead with the online navigation OpenStreetMap

With OpenStreetMap (OSM), the Rider 750 T provides location and detailed directional information at a glance. When using the navigation function, the Rider 750 T provides detailed turn-by-turn navigation, including distance and direction information before each turn. Should you ever deviate from the route, the Rider 750 T automatically guides you back to the track.


Online search by voice command

When connected to the Internet, you can search for locations by voice command without having to use the keyboard on the Rider 750 T display. The voice command function understands more than 100 languages and makes searching for addresses or POIs faster, more intuitive and more convenient.


Route Tracking with POI/Peak Information

It is very motivating and helpful to know the distance to the next intermediate destination. Therefore, once you have set up your POI and Peak information, you can use the Bryton Active app to view the distance to your next POI or Peak in the Track Tracking mode. This makes it easier to make decisions on the route, lets you make the right decisions and keeps your motivation high.


Train from home with Virtual Track Simulation

With Virtual Track Simulation you can experience endless training possibilities from the comfort of your own home. Compatible with ANT+ FE-C, the Rider 750 T works seamlessly with most smart exercise bikes and can simulate tracks captured by the Bryton Active app. These tracks, transferred to the digital world, can simulate different gradients and therefore offer a more realistic training experience.


Training with Smart Exercise Bike

With the Rider 750 T you can create your very own virtual training sessions on your smart home trainer at home! Simply create training plans using the Bryton Active app and transfer them directly to the Rider 750 T. To simulate the pedalling resistance from the training plan, the Rider 750 T then communicates with your smart exercise bike via ANT+ FE-C.


Control of the Smart Exercise Bike

Control your smart home trainer directly from Rider 750 T. Adjust the resistance of your exercise bike to your training goals or set a target power to reach your desired watt values.


Plan training sessions with TrainingPeaks

From now on, your training will be easier than ever before because Rider 750 T supports TrainingPeaks® training plans. Training sessions can be planned in TrainingPeaks® and exported to Rider 750 T via the Bryton Active app. Afterwards they can be started easily and comfortably from the device to achieve your training goals.


Quickly changeable bike profiles

Thanks to the support of up to 3 bike profiles, you can set up your device according to your needs and your desired setup. The settings for each profile can be configured in great detail, including renaming each profile to match the cycling discipline.


Automatic sensor scan

After coupling several sensors, the Rider 750 T uses the collective sensor pool to search for active sensors in the vicinity. Just confirm the connection to the active sensor and you are ready to go. For easy identification, the sensor names can be changed using the Bryton Active app.


ESS support

The Rider 750 T supports electronic gearshift systems, including Shimano Di2, SRAM eTap and Campagnolo EPS. Shifting information, such as gear ratio, selected chainring/sprocket combination and even battery life (as on the ESS) are displayed directly on the Rider 750 T, so you no longer have to check which gear you are currently in by looking down.


Support for Bike Radar systems

After a short and simple coupling procedure, the Rider 750 T supports the ANT+ radar function. In the measurement view of the Rider 750 T, the radar bar indicates approaching vehicles by displaying clearly recognisable vehicle symbols on the bright colour display as well as the status by changing colour. In addition, there are three warning levels with acoustic cues.


E-bike support

Thanks to the e-bike support for Shimano Steps, the Rider 750 T can now display various e-bike data for bikes of over 160 brands, including battery charge level, current support level and remaining riding time in the current support level.


Further features of the Rider 750 T bicycle computer

  • wireless connections
  • recalculation of the route
  • E-bike connectivity (Shimano Steps)
  • Shimano Steps Connectivity
  • bike Radar Connectivity
  • smart Home Trainer Connectivity
  • ANT+FE-C
  • Bryton update tool/Bryton Active app/to device
  • downloadable world maps
  • online navigation
  • Google Fuzzy Search

POIs near by & address search

Scope of delivery:

  • sport Mount
  • quick Start Guide
  • USB cable
  • safety tape

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  • Ideal for full bikes is personal taking over. You will get bike assembled and prepared for riding.


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