Knog Cobber Lil Twinpack Light

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KNOG lamp set Lil Cobber Twinpack

The lamp set Lil Cobber Twinpack produces incredible 330 ° light, so you can be seen clearly from all angles.
By integrating the COB LEDs, the rechargeable USB lamps produce a superior shine with a great visibility. The lamps are ready for use for up to 1.5 hours (Eco Flash up to 60 h) and thanks to the strong light output, they are visible in the evening and at night. The robust housings are waterproof and dustproof and have an integrated USB charging interface for the lithium-polymer battery.

To charge the battery no charging cable is required.

Technical specifications:

Material: plastic, rubber, UV-resistant silicone
Bulb: COB LEDs (Chip on Board)
Luminosity: 110 lumens (front), 50 lumens (rear)
Beam angle: 330 °
Illuminated programs: 5 light modes
Duration of continuous light: up to 1.5 hours (max)
Charging time: 4 hours each (LED goes off when the battery is fully charged)
Assembly: tool-free
Dimensions: 32 x 33 mm (height x width)
Protection class: IP67 water and dustproof
Color: transparent, red, black

Weight according to manufacturer: 44g


1x lamp set KNOG Lil Cobber Twinpack
6x exchangeable straps

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